Message from the EHZC Board of Directors


Dear Empty Hand Sangha,

We are extremely happy and excited to announce that Kaku Robert Gunn will be joining us as Guiding Teacher beginning Saturday, December 2nd. Kaku is ready to share the Dharma with us right away.  He will be taking up residence at Empty Hand early in December.  He will offer the dharma three times a week, beginning in February, and two, or three, times a week before then. Please pay close attention to calendar announcements about this. The board feels very fortunate and grateful that Kaku will be our Guiding Teacher.

I hope as many people as possible will be able to show up on Saturday, December 2nd to sit with and welcome/meet Kaku.  On Saturday, January 13th, we will have a one day retreat led by Kaku.  There will be a welcoming celebration in the near future.   

You may have noticed that there is a calendar change at least temporarily.  Because some members expressed that Saturday was a better day for them than Sunday, we have decided to change the calendar on a trial basis.  In December and January, we will sit on the first two Saturdays of the month, instead of Sunday.  The remaining weekends we will sit on Sunday.  It is our hope that this might increase attendance and participation.  

Some improvements have been made to the upstairs living space to create a warmer and more comfortable living space for Kaku.

To be able to bring this news about Kaku fills us with gratitude and appreciation.  We hope it is the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship.

In addition, you may have noticed the posting of our Mission Statement under "About" on the zendo web page.  We are interested in what you think about it.  Please contact us and let us know.

The annual fundraiser has just begun.  You should have received your email letter on Tuesday.  If Empty Hand is important to you, please be as generous as you can.  In order to break even for the year and begin 2018, we have to raise $30,000.  Please show your gratitude and appreciation for the dharma by contributing as much as you can.

With palms together,

Empty Hand Zen Center Board of Director

Jeffrey Silver - Chairman -
Elena Falcone - Treasurer -
Chris Dee - Secretary -
Deb Wood - Head Priest
Frank Raddock -
Paula Borsody -