An Evening with Soten Neil Theise M.D.

Dr. Neil Theise is a liver pathologist affiliated with multiple hospitals in New York City including Mount Sinai Beth Israel and a longtime member of the Village Zendo which is also in the City.  On Monday evening, April 30th 2018, his long experience as a research scientist came together with his decades long Zen practice to offer a riveting talk attempting to explain what cells, ant colonies, quantum foam and Buddha consciousness all have in common.  

His discussions of emergent phenomena challenged our perceptions of what seem to us top-down ordering hierarchies as really emerging from the bottom-up.  He further invited us to allow our notions of “thingness” to dissolve as we move through levels of scale.  Finally he drew support from quantum physics to posit that all that manifests and does not manifest in the world is not different than consciousness. 

Well, it was all very fascinating and prompted enthusiastic discussion long after the talk ended…way past some peoples' bed times.  We are truly grateful for Soten’s willingness to share with us his deep perspectives based on his vast experience of both Science and Zen.


Mushin Deb Wood, Soten Neil Theisse, and Kaku Robert Gunn

Mushin Deb Wood, Soten Neil Theisse, and Kaku Robert Gunn

Lot's of discussion afterwards.  That's Bruce's son, Jack, with Kaku.