Zen Practice Community in New Rochelle, NY


Zen Center Mission Statement 

The mission of the Empty Hand Zen Center (EHZC) is to support the experience and exploration of Zen practice community in New Rochelle, NY by our members and is offered to all those who come through our doors. EHZC aims to make available Zen meditation, teaching, and community in Westchester County and the surrounding areas.  To this end we offer:

  • Zazen—Regular opportunities for meditation practice guided by Soto forms
  • Dharma Study—Opportunities to deeply engage with Buddhist teachings as expressed by our rich lineage of Zen Buddhist ancestors
  • Sangha—Opportunities to embody our practice through the support of the practice-community 

How We Operate:

EHZC is a priest-led practice center.  Senior students assist in leading weekly practice and guide programming and outreach.  Community operations are led by sangha members who offer volunteer hours to do work such as maintain the website, record and transcribe talks, maintain the building and garden, and lead programs such as the instruction for Zen meditation that enrich our shared practice.

The community exists because of the engagement and support of those who have connected with our teachers, our community members, and the practice of Zen. Our operations are funded entirely through donations, which include annually pledged member support.

The Empty Hand Zen Center is a member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association (SZBA).