The Empty Hand Zen Center invites your participation in the…


   2019 Winter Clothing Drive


2019 Holiday Gift Drive

for those in need

  November 3rd to December 9th only



  • Donated clothing, wearable items, linens and crafts materials will be given to needy individuals, families and the elderly in the New Rochelle area.

  • Drop off your clean and gently used clothing at the Zendo during the collection dates. We’d especially appreciate large sizes and all kinds of warm clothing, coats, gloves, etc.

  • Clothes should be clean with no holes, rips or stains. Linens, shoes, belts, pocketbooks, socks and crafts materials are needed—but especially warm items and large sizes.

  • Be sure to put clothes in a large plastic garbage bag labelled “Clothing Drive,” no more than 1/2 full please.

  • Please do not bring your donations to the Zendo until Sunday, November 3rd at the earliest.



  • Ten needy families need some holiday cheer. If you would like to buy one, or more, individually wrapped gifts (with a card) for some needy children and families, please e-mail Frank Raddock.


 Here are some examples from current and recent drives: 

  • Sandra and William have severely, learning disabled and behaviorally-challenged children in specialized elementary/junior high school and few resources for a Merry Christmas. Problems include poor social relationships, autistic spectrum difficulties and getting into fights or being picked on. Two other families lack the resources to sufficiently care for their blind children and to buy them holiday gifts.

  • Alex is a young black man in a federal prison who is, now, a model prisoner, who would like some candy and needs some money to pay for online college course supplies. This is a continuing case from our last Gift Drive.

  • Rose lives near Empty Hand is 65 years old and lives on without the funds to buy food, a clothing and daily medical care supplies. She has trouble walking and severe fungal infection and desperately needs new clothes.

  • Two families: One lost a young mother in childbirth. The other became homeless in a catastrophe.

Tax deduction information for the clothing drive only:  If you need a tax deduction letter, please send an e-mail to or drop a letter off at the Zendo for Frank Raddock with the following information:   Your name, address, e-mail address and phone number and a list of the items you’re donating. You only need to list the items by general category.  For example, 4 pairs pants, 5 pairs shoes, etc.  Make and keep a copy of your letter for yourself.  You will receive a tax letter by mail by March.  Keep your list and this letter to meet IRS requirements for your taxes.  Your deduction will be equal to the price a THRIFT SHOP would sell the items for (about 20% of value new).  When you do your taxes, you or your accountant can figure this amount.                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                      …with palms together


For further information, please e-mail Frank Daigan Raddock at