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Walking the Way of Buddhism: the Practice of the Paramitas Class 2

This is a six-week Soup & Study class which is appropriate for both beginners and experienced students.

Monday nights, 6:00 to 7:10 pm beginning October 24th

*** The class may also be offered another day of the week, so please inquire with the zendo even if Monday nights don't work for you. ***

The paramitas encourage us to lead a life of generosity, based in ethics, including meditation and wisdom, balanced by patience and effort.
What or who supports us to do all that? How can we live intentionally, skillfully without getting discouraged when we miss the mark?

This class will explore the six paramitas or key points of Zen Buddhist practice, studying both the ancient teachings and ways to apply them to our everyday life. The class will be based on the text, "The Six Perfections," by Dale S. Wright and class participants will need to obtain a copy of the text. 

The suggested donation is $10 per class meeting for those who are not members, and it is included in membership without an additional donation. 

Call (914) 636-1450 or email to register. 

Sign-up sheets will also be available in the zendo.