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Tokuyu Jeremy Manasia Jazz Concert in the Loft at EH: for more info Click Here

Please join us in welcoming jazz pianist and zen teacher Jerry Tokuyu Manasia to EHZC to share selections from his newly released CD "Sutra Book - Live at Small's".  In this CD he has taken several of our favorite Zen chants, and turned them into profound and crackling jazz piano pieces! 

Here is a little more information about Jeremy Manasia, quotes which were taken from an article from "Jazz Promo". I suggest you take the time to read the full write up (see the link below) in order to appreciate his background:

"Widely recognized as a masterful pianist in the New York City jazz scene for two decades, Manasia juxtaposes the intentionality of vital texts in the Soto Zen Tradition alongside the impressionistic sound of the  piano . . "

 "Sutra Book is a groundbreaking work that explores nuanced levels of Zen sacred chants through the lens of Jazz. . . "

 "A first of its kind in the Jazz canon. . .

“Jeremy Manasia, . .redefines Buddhist texts through his latest album Sutra Book"

“According to Jeremy Manasia: 'Being so intertwined in the liturgy practice at the Village Zendo, and hearing these melodies over and over, I always felt I would eventually work on a project like this. . . A few summers ago, Sensei Joshin O'Hara Sensei asked me if I could record a piano improv version of the Song of the Jeweled Mirror for a slide show. . ."

"This is the most important aspect of the performances in the Sutra Book: it connects the spirit of jazz with the spirit of Zen - a liberated expressiveness."

 To read the complete article click here.

 I do hope you can join us Friday, February 1st for what promises to be a very special and uplifting evening!

in gassho,




The program will begin at 7:30 PM in the loft above the zendo.

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